11. Kunst-Börse Allerheiligen - NEUSS

        Galerie Art Cafe - KÖLN


        10. Kunst-Börse Allerheiligen - NEUSS

        Foto por la paz / Downtown - BOGOTA

        BAKU - BOGOTA

        ugpandora / CAJA DE PANDORA - TAGANGA


        Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung / ROOF UP - BERLIN

        Rettung in Sicht / KUNSTFESTIVAL 48H NEUKÖLLN - BERLIN





Ella Epp is a German photographer with very high standards. She wants images that really inspire. 

Epp, who was born in 1989, studied modern languages, cultures and economics in Gießen. In her semester abroad in Colombia, she turns her passion into reality and completed a photography course.
Despite newcomer, she gains a foothold in the Berlin art scene and convinces thanks to her impressive sensitivity, genuine commitment and total concentration. Characteristics that allows her an sovereign presence in the field of both,
artistic and applied photography .

Her images are characterized by a certain naturalness with something special behind it.
Using only natural light and mostly outdoor locations, she can capture an image with her unique way of seeing the world, making the audience feel exactly what she wants to show and leaving space for the spectator to be part of her creations.
The photographer works and lives with her family in NRW .